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an elective orphanMy name is Sarah, I am thirty-five years young, and an ‘Elective Orphan’.  I chose to leave my ‘parents’ behind at age sixteen after a childhood of abuse.

These days I am a Cognitive Neuroscience graduate, a content marketer, an author, a Personal Coach and a ninja.  One of those things was a lie.

My mission is to be living proof that your past need not dictate your future.  Change is really hard work, but it’s so worth it.

Sometimes I probably ‘over-share’. Okay, I absolutely do.  I think that being parentless has made me rather outspoken, but also self-sufficient, and I want to see others doing the same.

No, I don’t mean emancipate yourself from your parents (unless you really want to).  I mean stand on your own two feet and take full responsibility for your life.

Join me if you like thinking about the mysteries of the mind, and this curious thing called the human condition.  Don’t join me if you don’t like to be challenged.  Personal growth is hard work, and the best changes come when we look at our own behaviours – the good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s a jungle out there, so go be a tiger.





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