Simplifying a Tricky Week


This week, I am “Zuckerberging”.

Now, I’m not sure if this is a term that I’ve picked up from the internet, or if it was one of my own brain burps, but I like this term.

We all know about Mark Zuckerberg’s famous grey t-shirt, grey hoodie thing. The reason for dressing the same every day was apparently to remove unnecessary decisions from his busy life and save all his brain power for making creative business decisions.

So this week, as I have an insane amount to accomplish but also a well-timed break from London, I decided that simplifying – Zuckerberg style – was worth a try.

I’m in Surrey, cat-sitting two of the sweetest cats I have ever met. And apart from those two, I am alone in the countryside. Just in time to get over a massive hurdle of work tasks. Among other things I have a website to overhaul and an eBook to edit and produce.

So how am I “Zuckerburging” it? Well, I’ve packed super light. My bag mostly contains coffee, a few toiletries, and comfy gym clothes. I’m not going anywhere that I would need to look smart, so I won’t be wasting time on hair and make-up either. I’ve got a sole purpose this week (other than playing with cats) to be focussed on my work output, not distracted by what I look like or anything that London has to offer.

When I was young I dreamt of being a writer and locking myself away in a cabin in the woods to get my books finished.

It’s not quite a cabin in the woods, it’s a nice house with underfloor heating. But I think this will work for me very well indeed. I will let you all know how a week of quiet focus goes, and if removing superfluous decisions about hair and clothes improves my productivity or not.

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