Self Care and Guilt

self care

I think I’m sick. My body is screaming at me to rest. That familiar head fog crept in hours ago, yet I’m still fighting it. Why am I fighting? Guilt.

Despite all the self-help and personal development in the world, many of us still can’t give ourselves a much needed break. Even when we are sick.

So how can we address this need in a realistic way?

It is not realistic, in my opinion, for someone to switch from ‘all systems go’ to full on ‘spa day experience’. As much as the thought is a lovely one, it is neither practical or likely anyway. So what could we do instead?

A good compromise would be to address both of the needs that are nagging away at us. On the one hand, our body is telling us to hibernate until we are well again. And on the other hand, our mind is nagging us to work.

How to compromise effectively

Let’s make two lists.

List one – note down the things you absolutely MUST do today. No, not all the things you wish you COULD achieve before bedtime, but the just essentials, the things that can’t wait until tomorrow. Then do just these things to allow you to rest afterwards without guilt.

List two – try jotting down whatever pops into your head when you feel guilt about taking a break. Don’t think too hard, just write without editing and see what comes up. You might surprise yourself!

We are only human. Society puts a lot of pressure on us to be perfect, work hard and never quit. Just remember that resting is not the same as quitting. It’s better to rest when you need to, then come back fighting fit and newly energised!

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