Owning Introversion


I’m taking a stand!  It’s time us introverts stopped apologising for our way of being.

I used to pretend I was busy, working late, or even unwell to get out of stressful, overcrowded social occasions.  And then a little later in life, when I got braver, I would be honest and say that I just don’t like being crowded because it triggers this and that in me.  But I would apologise profusely and find a way to make it up to the person who had invited me somewhere.

I’m just starting to realise that all of that was an unnecessary waste of energy – why was I feeling guilty for being who I am?

It’s okay to say no thank you.  It’s okay to stay at home and only talk to your cat.  And you know what?  When us introverts aren’t exhausted from trying to fit in with more extroverted people, we have more energy to give to the important people in our lives.

I might not come to your party, but I’m there when you are sad and need a chat.

I am introvert – hear me roar… from a safe distance, of course.


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