When You’re Out Of Your Comfort Zone…

comfort zone

Where are you right now?

Was your answer about where your body physically is? So, how about your mind. Where is that right now?

If you are anything like me then you live in your head a lot, and it can be exhausting, I know.

How about where you are in terms of your comfort zone? Since you are reading a personal development blog, I am going to suggest that again, like me, you are always trying to stretch your comfort zone circle wider.

Some of us embrace new challenges because it makes us feel alive. While for others, it is more about the existential dread of not achieving as much as possible. Honestly, I fall into the latter camp. But whatever is motivating us to constantly challenge our boundaries, the side-effects are something we all commonly share in.

Anxiety, discomfort, even growing pains of sorts. For me, when I’m really swimming in unchartered territory, I tend to fall back into old patterns of low-self belief and approval-seeking. I start feeling like my old, pre-personal development self who needs to talk it out and find ways to reassure myself.

So, when you’re out of your comfort zone, what do you need to get you through the growth phase?

Could you try getting out of your head and into your body? Anxiety makes us want to run faster, think faster, anything to avoid the feeling. So what if we just sat still for ten minutes and let it catch up to us.

Maybe if we understood that there is nothing wrong with feeling anxious, in fact it is natural, we could make better use of that nervous energy. Perhaps it could even start to feel a little bit more like excitement than dread.

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