Cats Are Self-Care Gurus

cats self care

This week I have been staying in Surrey, cat-sitting and getting through a pile of work.

Millie and Milo have spent much of the week encouraging me to step away from the screen and smell the roses. I remember a couple of years ago, a colleague of mine stating that cats are the best example of self-care there is.

I agreed with him at the time, but I didn’t really get it until this week. These two cats have been pinning me down to fall asleep on me, squeezing themselves between me and the screen, and even chatting with me while I’m working. And I’ve loved every minute of it, because they are totally right. There is more to life than staring into a screen.

So I’m still getting my work done, but I’ve also been taking breaks to play with these guys and hang out on the patio. If they weren’t here to remind me, I would be missing all the gorgeous autumn sunshine.

cat sunshine
Look what I would have been missing out on.
cat work
Me: work time!
Millie: nope!


Today’s message – be a little more cat!

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