Are you a Frustrated Author?


Would you rather be writing than whatever it was you were doing before you took a break and checked out this blog post?

I find it endlessly fascinating how we humans so rarely follow are passions. We are so hypnotised by society, this construction of our own collective consciousness, that we feel bad about thinking for ourselves.

I’m not preaching, I’m totally guilty of this too. I’ve had so many jobs I never wanted because I too believed that huge compromise was necessary to pay the bills and maintain an acceptable standard of living.

For the longest time, I harboured my dream of living quietly off the grid – a place where bills don’t exist and escaping the shackles of society to be free and truly happy. I would write all day and live off my humble book royalties.

But I never did it. Because I was afraid, and far, far too conditioned. I always returned to my default setting of going to a job I didn’t love, coming home exhausted, sleeping and repeating.

It wasn’t until very recently when a near-death experience woke me up, that I started to think a little differently about that cycle I was stuck in. And now I am writing more than ever!

Of course, as I still exist ‘on the grid’, I do have to find ways of paying the bills. But it’s no longer an all-consuming focus. Instead, my passion is now my focus. I am no longer exhausted at the end of the day. I make the time to write because I refuse to get sucked back into that cycle of not living in my passion. I am an author, minus the frustration.

So what’s my point here? This could be you, too!
If you would rather be writing, then is there one little thing you could do to shift the balance a little?

I’m not saying quit your job, responsibilities, and society …unless you really want to. But I am saying that time waits for no man. I nearly ran out of time, and that sharpened my focus a lot.

If you really thought about how finite a lifetime is, then how would you plan to spend the rest of yours?

Do you still have that book inside of you, trying to get out onto paper?
The world deserves your story, and you deserve to be happy!

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