Actually Authentic


Today on Twitter I noticed that #ActuallyAutistic was trending. Being somewhere on the spectrum myself, I of course jumped into the conversations. This got me thinking about my own traits, the good and the bad, and how I’m actually really happy to embrace my uniqueness.

I always felt like I was different and possibly ‘missing something’ that other’s got. It wasn’t until last year that I knew for sure why that was. But I had suspected since Uni when a fellow Psych student pointed out my traits after a lecture from an Autism researcher, and the penny dropped for me. But I didn’t need long for the test results to sink in – I was happy to finally join the dots.

The trait I am most proud of is my intolerance for BS. Now this has definitely cost me in the past, sometimes in the form of losing a friend or a job. But you know what, if there was a surplus of BS then something had to give. And truthfully, I’m better off without whatever it was in my life. So it makes me happy to know that I have a ‘fill line’, and once I’m there, I won’t accommodate any more.

When I see other people tolerating far more crap than is reasonable it makes me really sad for them. Our society tells us that tolerating, allowing and soldiering on are admirable traits to have, and essential for success in life. Maybe…maybe not. I have found that the more crap I have said no to, the more my quality of life has improved. And seriously, nobody died in the process.

I’m of the opinion that authenticity and honesty can only be good for you in the long run. Difficult conversations and hurt feelings really suck in the moment, but we move on to a better place when we can admit what is wrong with where we are.

Maybe tolerating a load of crap IS truly noble – but what are we being noble for? We are not in Game of Thrones. We are living our one and only life, and if we can choose to live it better, happier and with less BS, then for goodness sake, let’s do that!

I’m #ActuallyAutistic and #ActuallyAuthentic, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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