Migraine Detox Update

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I’m partly calling this my migraine detox as I am detoxing from migraines, and also partly because I’m detoxing from a few unhealthy habits including being a stress bunny. So I guess I just found my new hashtag! #migrainedetox

I think a migraine detox will be as unique to each migraineur as their fingerprints. Although migraine is still really poorly understood, we do see a lot of individual differences in patterns and triggers.

For myself, I had to step outside of my denial bubble of, “I’m okay, just a bit busy/tired/anxious”..or *insert another random excuse. I had to get real about how I was living. I wasn’t really being as healthy as I could be.

I think as a society we tend to carry on with the assumption that we are fine if we look okay on the outside and don’t have a terminal diagnosis. But the truth is we are all dying (sorry), that’s the one universal truth of being alive. It’s just a matter of how fast or slow we meet our end, and that has a lot to do with HOW we live.

So I had to stop and think. Even though I look okay on the outside, am I letting my brain overthink and sweat the small stuff? Yep. Was I drinking more coffee than I should. My thready pulse said yes! Was I properly hydrated and taking enough gentle exercise? Awkward, but nope.

Here I was, a self-proclaimed personal development devotee, not paying enough attention to my health. I had been working hard, don’t get me wrong, but on ‘serious stuff’. For example, do you like the new look of my website? I hope so, I had been working on it late into the evenings after a full day at the office. To make a long story very short, I wasn’t resting, exercising, or taking time for my physical health. I was letting stress win.

So I got real. I can’t float on a cloud of Om if I’m tied to my laptop 24/7. I can’t have a healthy heart beat if my body is fighting caffeine overload. And I can’t manage my blood cortisol if I don’t stop creating stress in my mind, or support my neuroendocrine responses (y’know, hormones etc) if I don’t exercise regularly.

It’s been 10 days since I set my intention to never succumb to migraine attacks again, and it’s been a bloody fantastic 10 days. I’m still taking the supplements I listed in my last post. I feel that the magnesium is doing me good. I’ve had another acupuncture session, which was awesome. And I’m down to one coffee a day. I think this is my new threshold. I’ve given up alcohol for now, but I won’t give up that one coffee. A girl’s gotta have some vices!

An Elective Orphan x

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