Are superstitions for pessimists?


It’s Friday 13th, and that’s just fine by me.  I am not afraid of superstitions, because in my opinion, they only have the power you give to them.

Energy goes where attention flows.

It might not be the case that you fully create your own reality.  I’m not saying it definitely isn’t, I mean who can know really?  I’m just saying that for argument’s sake let’s assume that it’s not the case and there are too many other factors at work for you to have full control.  Let’s assume that all we have is perception.

If you expect bad things to happen, it’s not that more bad things will happen, but rather that you will notice more bad things.  You will give them more attention and therefore more energy.

So how about if you expect good things to happen?  Well again, it’s not that an improbable amount of good fortune will befall you.  You most likely won’t receive an unexpected windfall, or win an award just for getting out of bed today.  But you will notice more good things, because where energy flows…. You get the point.

So I won’t be getting sucked into the superstition misery trap, because I am looking on the bright side.  Optimists are not unrealistic, we are grateful.  I don’t expect to win the lotto, I am grateful that I get a monthly salary.  That is the difference.

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