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My mind is blown.  I have just had a huge, dawning realisation that who I am today, where I am today, everything that constitutes my life is all of my own manifestation.

It sounds simple in black and white, but really I think it’s a concept that sits just at the edge of my reach – my fingers tickling it rather than getting a proper grasp.  It is amazing, inspiring, encouraging and totally terrifying all at the same time.  As sentient beings we have total personal responsibility.  But society conditions us to think otherwise.  So what am I actually saying here – are we living in The Matrix?

Possibly we are in a sort of ‘Matrix’.  Maybe not in the same dramatic and far-fetched sci-fi sense.  But we are living removed from genuine reality, seeing the world through the veil of our perception.  And let’s face it, our perception is where the mind-brain distinction becomes very cloudy indeed.  Our perception is also where, I believe, a lot of societal conditioning puts us into auto-pilot.  But I also have to wonder what reality is without perception – do the two co-exist, or are they one and the same?

How many people do you know that coasted through life; college, university, marriage, kids, mortgage etc?  All while doing a job they felt no genuine passion for?  Why did they do it?  Auto-pilot is my guess.  Society had a template for them, making the path of least resistance the one mentioned above.

But what about those who take personal responsibility and do life on their own terms?  Well, it’s a bit of a contradiction.  On the one-hand, people who break the pattern and live on their own initiative are considered ‘unrealistic’ or ‘crazy’ by society at large.  On the other hand, people who have broken the pattern and proved themselves successful, such as Richard Branson or Steve Jobs, are heroes in our culture.  But only because they have made it big and have the bank balance to prove it.  I bet in their pre-success days they copped it from society.

As I am writing this, I just noticed that my earlier dawning realisation about the possibilities in life has metamorphosed into a rant about money.  What happened there?  Well this too is probably an example of societal conditioning, and it’s effect on my brain/mind.  I automatically started to equate success with money, another feature of auto-pilot.

Maybe this is why I feel uneasy.  On the one hand I long to be free of the narrow-thinking of our ‘reality’.  And on the other hand I am under the spell of ‘reality’.  It is everywhere, and even sneaks up on me while I am blogging.

Physicists tells us that we are all just atoms – made of the same basic parts as the rest of the universe.  Just how did we all get so complicated?  Atoms form into elements and molecules, things get bigger and more complex until you reach the systemic level.  This brings us to the central nervous system.  Nobody (that I have ever met) understands how the brain comes to develop the mind.  This is where we can only theorise.  And maybe this next question is more philosophy than science.

At what point did our own minds begin to enslave us?  If evolution is meant to ensure survival of the species, then why do we self-sabotage by enslaving ourselves to a culture that limits us?

The truth beyond the ‘reality’ is, as Morpheus says in The Matrix, little more than ‘a splinter in my mind’.  It’s hard to grasp.

So where can I get a red pill?

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